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【Halal Indomie】Indomie Salted Egg Instant Noodle 100g

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Curly noodles with a better taste, complete with pasta spices and curry leaves Cooking Direction: 1. Cook noodle in 400cc boiling water (2 glasses) and simmer for 2 minutes 2. Place Seasoning paste and chili powder in a plate,while noodle is being cooked 3. Drain well,mix with the seasonings 4. Garnish with the garnishing and enjoy your delicious fried noodle


印尼著名的快熟面品牌 Indomie 推出了Salted Egg Flavor 咸蛋口味的快熟面。这款快速面以亮黄色的包装亮相,那金黄色的面条,撒上香气逼人的咸蛋粉,天啊!太诱人啦~

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