【Low Calories Jelly】Japan Orihiro Purunto Konnyaku Jelly 蒟蒻果冻 6 Pieces In Pack


【乐事】Lay's 网红零食乐事轻焙柚香黑椒,香焗芝士味薯片 70g

【Thailand Halal Snack】Cornae Cheese Corn Triangle Shape Snack 56g

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泰国必败花样零食很多,来一包 不能错过 的Cornae玉米卷。这一款玉米卷在泰国可说是非常受欢迎,做成 #三角锥 的零食增添了松脆感,吃进嘴里特有的玉米零食口感更是让你欲罢不能。经过调味的玉米卷带点咸味让你不那么容易腻,当下酒菜相信也很棒!虽然简单,却也满足
Very very addictive American corn snack that is an all time favourite in Thailand. Once you pop, you can't stop for sure
-Healty snack which made of good strain of corn. -Crisp, brittle, sweet and is popular at Thailand.

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